Healthy ideas with chicken, turkey and quail for the final sprint to "operation bikini".

Summer is just around the corner and doubts begin to appear as to whether or not we are in shape enough to put on our swimming costumes and bikinis. That is important, but it is essential to know if we have done our homework with our diet to face the hot months ahead. 

Losing weight while eating a healthy and varieddiet is a possible and, above all, advisable combination. Poultry is an ally of these objectives: chicken, turkey and quail are the meats that have the least fat and most protein, so they will provide us with the necessary nutrients without making us put on weight. Eating well and having a slim figure are not incompatible.

Besides, we know you don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen because it's a time to share the holidays with the family and the little ones. What better way to start the day than with turkey? But we don't ask you to stuff it like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but much simpler: homemade turkey cold meat baked in the oven .

You can make it for breakfast for several days and it can also solve a dinner. It is very easy and takes less than an hour. 

  • Take two chicken breasts, two tablespoons of olive oil, smoked salt and your choice of spices. Turmeric and pepper go very well, and if you like, garlic powder. 
  • Put the turkey on a baking tray, rub it with the spices all over and pour some oil on it. Bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees and when it cools down, slice it. 

It can be a great breakfast on toast or served with seasonal vegetables for a healthy dinner that will please everyone in the family. 

Lunchtime is very easy to solve and you can eat it at home, at the beach or having a picnic in a park now that the good weather is coming: a salad with diced chicken. 

Choose the lettuce you like best: iceberg, oak leaf, kale or fresh spinach. Add diced red pepper, tomato, corn, grated carrot, beetroot and two chicken mules that you have previously cooked in the oven and cut into strips.

Season with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. A healthy recipe that you can eat anywhere and that you can customise if you are one of those who prefer to eat some carbohydrates. Change the lettuce for rice or cooked pasta and the result will be the same. 

Don't forget that white meat turkey, chicken and quail are versatile and you can make numerous dishes to help you meet your health and taste goals.


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