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Avianza, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, invites you to enjoy the best grilled chicken, turkey and quail meats to celebrate the summer and succeed in your next barbecue.  

AVIANZA, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, welcomes the summer with a workshop to discover the secrets of the tastiest barbecues with Spanish poultry meats. Discover the goodness of grilled chicken, turkey and quail, and enjoy their great versatility and how nutritious and healthy these white meats are.

And don't miss on social networks the highlights of the workshop given by chef Alfonso Castellanos in the gardens of Seeds restaurant, of the professional training school, MOM Culinary Institute, organized once again with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Food of Spain, with the aim of continuing to promote the consumption of poultry from Spain. 


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