After the success of the free online workshop "Cooking with Poultry", Avianza and Talent Class challenge you to make the recipe for "Poultry with trumpet ragout".

  • During the workshop, chef Aurelio Morales explained the versatility and tricks for cooking poultry meat, created the recipe "Quail with trumpet ragout and black gnocchi" and launched the "Poultry with trumpet ragout" challenge. 
  • The challenge, in which anyone interested can participate, consists of preparing this delicious recipe from the chef with chicken, turkey or quail and uploading the result to the Talent Class cooking platform: https://www.talent-class.com/avianza and to social networks (with the hashtag #retoavianza and tagging @talentclass_). 
  •  Participation is open until November 22nd at 11:59h. and the prize, awarded by an expert jury, will consist of a dinner at Club Allard in Madrid. 

Madrid, October 24, 2022 - Avianza, the poultry meat interprofessional association, has successfully carried out the online cooking workshop "Cooking with Poultry". The workshop was given by the renowned chef, Aurelio Morales, on the cooking course platform, Talent Class. In this masterclass, the great versatility of poultry in cooking was highlighted and the recipe "Quail with trumpet ragout and black gnocchi" was carried out.

After cooking this recipe, the chef launched the challenge "Poultry with trumpet ragout", both for those attending the course and for all those who wish to participate. This challenge consists of preparing Aurelio Morales' recipe, but using chicken, turkey or quail as the main ingredient. 

At this link of the Talent Class platform, https://www.talent-class.com/avianza, those interested can follow the recipe and upload the result to be able to compete until November 22 at 11:59 am. It is also essential to upload the recipe to social networks with the hashtag #retoavianza and tagging @talentclass_. 

Anyone of legal age can participate in this challenge and share as many recipes as they want (although one recipe per participant will be selected). The jury of chefs, appointed by Talent Class, will evaluate the aesthetics and composition of the dish and on November 23rd the 3 winners will be announced through the social networks of Talent Class and on the Avianza blog.

Each winner will receive as a prize a menu at the Club Allard restaurant in Madrid (to be consumed before March 30, 2023). 

With these actions and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Alimentos de España, Avianza continues its campaign to promote the consumption of poultry meat in Spain, as well as to publicize the benefits of this white meat, among which its high nutritional value and quality stand out. 

Chef Aurelio Morales and his right-hand man, Pablo González, during the online workshop "Cooking with poultry".
Recipe made in the online workshop: "Quail with trumpet ragout and black gnocchi".
Avianza Challenge and Talent Class: "Aves con Ragut de Trompetas" until November 22.

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