The Avianza and Talent Class "Birds with Trumpet Ragout" challenge already has its three winners

Avianza and the online cooking platform, Talent Class, have concluded the challenge "Poultry with trumpet Ragout" announcing the three winners, which have fallen on the participants Víctor Fabián, Esther Abad and Loreto García .

All participants were challenged to prepare the original recipe of chef Aurelio Morales but could use chicken, turkey or quail as the main ingredient.

In order to participate, those interested had to upload their recipe and the result to the Talent Class platform and social networks with the hashtag #retoavianza until November 22.  

After the closing of the contest, an expert jury of Talent Class, headed by Aurelio Morales, evaluated the aesthetics and composition of the participating dishes, resulting in the three winners mentioned above.

Each winner has been awarded a menu at the Club Allard restaurant in Madrid (to be consumed before March 30, 2023).

With these actions and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Alimentos de España, Avianza continues its campaign to promote the consumption of poultry meat in Spain, as well as to publicize the benefits of this white meat, among which its high nutritional value and quality stand out.

Dish of the winner Víctor Fabián.

Video of the winner Esther Abad


Dish of the winner Loreto García.


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