Interview Beatriz Robles on the TVE program: Knowing how to live

After having seen how the chicks are cared for and pampered at an organic farm in Toledo, the nutritionist Beatriz Robles, author of the book: Eat safely by eating everything, he clarifies in his interview with Miriam Moreno, on the program RTVE Knowing How to Live, that eating chicken is a safe food.

As explained, foods of animal origin have stricter hygienic-sanitary conditions and therefore have to meet certain microbiological criteria when cooking them.

Yes, it is safe to eat chicken meat. It cannot be consumed rare or rare, it is a meat that must always be well cooked.

Beatriz Robles, TVE.

 There are some myths or common errors among people who think things like the ones we will see below and which the food technologist completely denies:

  • There are those who think that grilled chicken fillet shrinks in the pan because of the hormones that are supposedly administered or even that it helps them gain weight. Well, Beatriz Robles categorically assures that the use of hormones as a growth factor It is totally prohibited by law for decades and that this legislation is complied with.
  • Likewise, other people believe that chicken skin is unhealthy because things are injected into them that are then retained in the skin and are therefore full of toxins. That is totally false. Fresh meat cannot be injected with additives or brines. If these animals grow so much it is because they are selected to grow so much.
  • Finally, that water in the pan comes from the meat itself, since the 75% in it is water, and when subjected to a heat treatment, the proteins denature, coagulate, etc., and release that water.

Follow the full interview below in this video:

Source at https://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/saber-vivir/como-cocinar-correctamente-pollo/5661316/