We have selected some simple but delicious recipes for Valentine's Day. This year, you choose who will be the protagonist of your culinary talent with chicken, turkey or quail, and thus, make that person you love so much very happy.

In this ebook you will find different recipes designed to make the most of the benefits of poultry meat with which to have a light after-dinner meal, perfect to continue celebrating however you like.

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He fried chicken It is one of the recipes that you have made the most times. Now with this free ebook that you can download completely free, you will give a new twist to a recipe that the whole family likes. 

You will find, hand in hand with cookpad, some simple and fun preparations that have chicken as the protagonist and that will encourage you to cook it again and again. 

In this ebook you will find recipes from well-known people such as Rrecipes to be happy, The Blondie Kitchen, Gema Recetas and Mamá Qué Comemos.

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With the collaboration of Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and of Food from Spain.

He summer We already have it around the corner and doubts are beginning to appear as to whether or not we are satisfied with our figure to put on the swimsuit and bikini. That is important, but it is essential to know if we have done our homework well with our feeding to face the hot months ahead. 

Lose weight by eating healthy and varied is a possible and, above all, advisable combination. As allies of these objectives is poultry meat: chicken, turkey and quail are the meats they have less fat and more protein, so they will provide us with the necessary nutrients without making us gain weight. Eating well and having a slim figure are not mutually exclusive.

Furthermore, we know that you don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen because it is a time to share the holidays with the family and the little ones in the house. What better way to start the day than with turkey? But we don't ask you to fill it out like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but much simpler: Homemade baked turkey cold cuts. 

You can make it for him breakfast of several days and can also solve a dinner. It is very easy and will take you less than an hour. 

  • Take two chicken breasts, two tablespoons of olive oil, smoked salt and the spices of your choice. Turmeric and pepper work very well, and if you like it, garlic powder. 
  • On a baking sheet, put the turkey, rub it with the spices all over and add oil. Bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees and when it cools, slice it. 

It can be a great breakfast on toast or accompanied by seasonal vegetables for a healthy dinner that all members of the family will like. 

Mealtime is very easy to resolve and you can eat it at home, on the beach or making a picnic in a park now that the good weather is coming: a salad with diced chicken. 

Choose the lettuce you like the most: iceberg, oak leaf, you can opt for kale or fresh spinach. Add diced red pepper, tomato, corn, grated carrot, beet and two chicken thighs that you have previously cooked in the oven and cut into strips.

Season with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. A Healthy recipe that you can eat anywhere and that if you are one of those who prefer to have some carbohydrates you can customize. Change the lettuce for rice or cooked pasta and the result will be the same. 

Don't forget that the White meats Turkey, chicken and quail are versatile and you can make numerous dishes that help you meet your health and flavor goals.

With Netpoulsafe the development of the European project begins “Networking European poultry actors for enhancing the compliance of biosecurity measures for a sustainable production" in which CECAV will participate as leader of one of the 6 WPs, with the French ITAVI being the coordinator.

This is an ambitious project in which 14 entities from seven of the main European poultry production countries participate, through seven other large international networks, in which they seek to share initiatives and provide solutions to improve the BIOSECURITY of European poultry farms.

The improvement of biosecurity practices will be based on support measures in the field, taking into account the technical and socioeconomic point of view, as well as practices that contribute to the effective application of biosecurity and that can be applied directly by livestock farmers, veterinarians and administration.

This project will be funded by the EU Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement No. 101000728, and has an overall budget of approximately €2 million. It will take place for 3 years, between October 2020 and September 2023.

From AVIANZA We want to support all possible initiatives to improve and consolidate the activity of the poultry sector, so with NETPOULSAFE We focus on one of the main priorities, offering maximum confidence to our consumers and providing the industry with a tool to respond to different challenges.

After having seen how the chicks are cared for and pampered at an organic farm in Toledo, the nutritionist Beatriz Robles, author of the book: Eat safely by eating everything, he clarifies in his interview with Miriam Moreno, on the program RTVE Knowing How to Live, that eating chicken is a safe food.

As explained, foods of animal origin have stricter hygienic-sanitary conditions and therefore have to meet certain microbiological criteria when cooking them.

Yes, it is safe to eat chicken meat. It cannot be consumed rare or rare, it is a meat that must always be well cooked.

Beatriz Robles, TVE.

 There are some myths or common errors among people who think things like the ones we will see below and which the food technologist completely denies:

  • There are those who think that grilled chicken fillet shrinks in the pan because of the hormones that are supposedly administered or even that it helps them gain weight. Well, Beatriz Robles categorically assures that the use of hormones as a growth factor It is totally prohibited by law for decades and that this legislation is complied with.
  • Likewise, other people believe that chicken skin is unhealthy because things are injected into them that are then retained in the skin and are therefore full of toxins. That is totally false. Fresh meat cannot be injected with additives or brines. If these animals grow so much it is because they are selected to grow so much.
  • Finally, that water in the pan comes from the meat itself, since the 75% in it is water, and when subjected to a heat treatment, the proteins denature, coagulate, etc., and release that water.

Follow the full interview below in this video:

Source at https://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/saber-vivir/como-cocinar-correctamente-pollo/5661316/