• This certificate is based on the fundamental and unifying premises of Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Food Safety for the entire poultry meat production chain.
  • The fact that the sector has its own label is a decisive step towards highlighting the quality of Spanish poultry meat and consolidating the country as one of the European leaders in production.
  • This reference will be present in poultry meat products so that consumers associate the consumption of poultry with a product that meets the highest quality standards throughout the food chain.
  • The interprofessional encourages all national producers to join the network of companies certified with the POULTRY OF SPAIN label.


Madrid, October 24, 2023. Spanish poultry meat now has its own quality certificate. Under the global initiative "POULTRY FROM SPAIN" (, promoted by Avianza (Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat), the bases and tools necessary to value the production of poultry meat (chicken, turkey and quail) of our country are established, from its breeding, production, preparation of processed products and its distribution around the world.

This certificate works as a backbone of the main values of the entire production chain: sustainability (environmental, economic and social), Animal Welfare and Food Safety, and is therefore a decisive step to enhance the quality of Spanish poultry meat and consolidate the country as one of the European leaders in poultry meat production.

This initiative also incorporates the Avianza Animal Welfare Spain (AAWS), a new Animal Welfare Commitment B+ label, specific to the poultry meat sector, and a guarantor of its implementation, over and above current regulations throughout the production process.

All the information at the consumer's fingertips

The POULTRY OF SPAIN certification for poultry meat products assures the consumer that the operators who obtain it have a certified system that includes strict traceability, quality and control requirements, identifying in the market the poultry for the production of meat (fresh, refrigerated or frozen, whether packaged or in bulk); and products made, transformed or processed with the same.

To this end, products that comply with all the requirements of the regulation and are certified will have the POULTRY FROM SPAIN label on their packaging. In addition, this logo carries a QR code, in which the consumer can scan and know closely all the information of the origin and traceability of the product they are consuming.

"This launch is a priority for Avianza and the sector, because we are sure that the Aves de España certificate will give consumers greater confidence in the transparency of quality processes, will increase the prestige of the sector and its products and, of course, will favor local consumption over imported products," says Josep Solé, president of Avianza.

A challenge for the sector

Avianza has set up the POULTRY OF SPAIN website( to inform the whole sector about the details of the certification process and urges all national producers to join the network of certified companies under the umbrella of POULTRY OF SPAIN.

The pilot project of this seal is being carried out with the poultry companies PADESA and Vall Companys, and the interprofessional estimates that more than twenty companies will join this year.

A certified process

Operators' compliance with the requirements of the regulation and their certification is carried out through external audits performed by a certification entity approved by ENAC, and authorized by Avianza.

Avianza groups more than 65 associated companies and represents more than 90% of the companies linked to the poultry sector, both chicken, turkey and other poultry. In total, it has more than 5,000 farms and production centers, 281 cutting and processing plants, which directly employ more than 40,000 professionals.