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AVIANZA collaborates with the meat interprofessionals in the solidarity activity with the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation at Meat Attraction

As part of Meat Week, which was held to coincide with Meat Attraction, the International Meat Industry Trade Fair, AVIANZA, together with the interprofessional organisations ASICI, INTERCUN, INTEROVIC, INTERPORC and PROVACUNO collaborated with the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation by providing dishes made with meat products to contribute to the important charitable activity headed by Father Ángel. 

From 7 to 12 March, different rabbit, veal, lamb and poultry dishes, Iberian ham sandwiches and white layer pork sausages, prepared by the chefs and cutters of the six Spanish meat sector organisations, were served on the solidarity tables of the Foundation's soup kitchen. 

Mensajeros de la Paz, founded in Asturias in 1962 by Father Ángel García Rodríguez, currently has numerous social programmes, as well as areas of training, children, women, the elderly, immigration, etc., and the management of nearly a hundred homes for the elderly in different parts of Spain. All focused on improving the social and living conditions of the most disadvantaged citizens.