Avianza guarantees the wage increase of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Poultry and Rabbit Slaughterhouses

  • The interprofessional (through AMPE and AMACO) reiterates the need to support the workers of the agreement and their families 
  • In the next few days, UGT, CCOO and CIG will be summoned to draw up the salary tables, which will be effective as of January 1, 2023.

Madrid, January 25, 2023. AVIANZA, Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, has taken the decision to anticipate the wage increase for the year 2023 to workers under the Collective Agreement of Poultry and Rabbit Slaughterhouses.

This measure has been approved jointly with AMPE, the Spanish Association of Chicken Slaughterhouses, and AMACO, the National Association of Poultry, Rabbit and Poultry Cutting Plant Processors, associations actively linked to AVIANZA.

This new decision comes ahead of the agreement established on March 7, 2022, which provided that the salaries for the year 2023 could not be paid until the lawsuits filed by the Trade Union Organizations (UGT and CCOO) in the Supreme Court were resolved.

Therefore, both organizations will proceed to convene UGT, CCOO and CIG in the next few days to draw up the wage tables, which will take effect on January 1, 2023.


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