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AVIANZA welcomes summer with a workshop and poultry barbecue in Madrid

  • The Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Nutrition of Spain, wants to promote the consumption of grilled chicken, turkey and quail at the beginning of the summer period, barbecue season par excellence
  • To this end, it held a workshop and subsequent barbecue for journalists, bloggers and gastronomic and food sector influencers where the benefits of poultry meat as a versatile and healthy product were highlighted.
  • Attendees were able to learn first-hand the best tips for having a barbecue in the gardens of the Seeds restaurant (MOM Culinary Institute) thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Nutrition of Spain

Madrid, June 21, 2023.- AVIANZA, the Spanish Interprofessional association of poultry meat, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food together with Foods of Spain, wanted to welcome the summer season by holding a workshop and subsequent poultry barbecue in Madrid. 

The interprofessional developed this training for journalists, influencers and bloggers specialized in lifestyle, gastronomy and food, with the aim of disseminating the benefits of grilled chicken, turkey and quail, among which their great versatility and nutritional value stand out. and healthy that this white meat is.

During the workshop, chef Alfonso Castellano and his team (Restaurante Seeds) revealed the secrets to making a perfect poultry barbecue: from the preparation, the type of cooking and temperatures of the grill, to the different cuts and carvings , to finish with the plating and the different culinary combinations. 

After this training, attendees were able to enjoy a wonderful barbecue in the gardens of the impressive Seeds restaurant, which is located within the hotel and catering training school, MOM Culinary Institute, where they tasted such appetizing dishes as turkey shanks, breasts braised turkey, chicken with gin and tonic and quail with vine. Institutional representatives and representatives of the main companies in the meat sector in Spain also joined this evening. 

Once again, this action had the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Nutrition of Spain, which continues to develop together with the interprofessional action to promote poultry consumption in our country. Spain is one of the main producers of poultry meat in Europe, where more than 750 million birds of Spanish origin are consumed each year. 

Chef Alfonso Castellano from the Seeds restaurant during the Avianza workshop.
Jordi Montfort, general secretary of Avianza and Alfonso Castellano, chef of Seeds, during the presentation of the workshop.
A moment from the Avianza poultry barbecue workshop.
Representatives of the companies that make up Avianza and institutions at the BBQ Avianza 2023 event.
From left to right Maria del Mar Fernández Poza, from INPROVO; Jordi Montfort, from AVIANZA, Javier López from PROVACUNO Tomás Rodríguez from IINTEROVIC.