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Balance 2023: the poultry meat sector has earned the recognition of representing the Spain brand

This year has been marked by a process of recovery in the demand for poultry meat, reaching production values of 2021, but with a high cost of profitability after 2 years of price increases in raw materials, energy, inputs and inflation.

The launch of "Aves de España" as a new guarantee brand for consumers and for the sector, as well as promotional actions among consumers to show the properties of Spanish poultry meat, have been its pillars of action.

One of these actions has been the "European Poultrymeat" campaign, co-financed by the European Commission, which has reached more than 20 million people in the last two years.

Madrid, December 21, 2023.- Avianza, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, takes stock of 2023 with an overview of the sector's activity over the past year. From poultry meat production rates, which reach 2021 levels, with a forecast to reach 1,681,722 tons (chicken, turkey and quail), compared to 1,632,740 in 2022.

However, the increase still does not cover the great economic efforts to face the successive crises of the last two years, nor the increase in production costs associated with our activity.

Nevertheless, the association has pursued two major objectives:

  • The promotion of Spanish poultry meat among Spanish consumers, positioning itself around three values: Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Food Safety. To this end, it has received support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Alimentos de España, and the European Commission, with co-financed projects in addition to the investment of the partners themselves.
  • The second major objective has been the internationalization of our sector, with the opening of new markets such as Mexico, the reinforcement of the actions started with ICEX in the United Arab Emirates, a priority market, or the forecast of receiving trade missions from China, the Philippines or Singapore.  

All this without forgetting a great claim: the recognition of Spanish poultry meat as a representative of the Spanish brand and our gastronomic wealth, as well as our contribution to a healthy, affordable and safe food.

Main activity indicators of the Spanish poultry sector

In 2023, production has increased by 2.5%, with an increase in the average weight of poultry. Household consumption has recovered in relation to 2022, becoming a household refuge product in 2023.


Internationalization initiatives

Actions to generate new business opportunities and open markets for the Spanish poultry meat sector in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to the framework agreement with ICEX and the Poultry from Spain initiative. In addition, we proceeded to open the Mexican market.

Thus, in our mission in Dubai, Spanish poultry meat was the protagonist thanks to the support of ICEX, the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Dubai and SOPEXA.

In addition, in 2024, actions have been confirmed to attract companies from the distribution and catering sector to markets such as the Philippines, China and Singapore, among others.

It is time to look outside Europe for poultry exports. After the closure of important markets for France (such as Japan or the United States of America) due to vaccination against Avian Influenza, the possibility of influencing third country markets for Spain is a great opportunity. We are talking about Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong or the Philippines, where we want to promote the Poultry from Spain brand for consumers in retail and the HORECA channel.

Position of the sector on the animal welfare regulations proposed by the European Commission.

According to Avianza, the impact on the poultry meat production sector in Spain of a possible implementation of the EFSA recommendations (under evaluation by the European Commission) would have the following consequences:

  • Reduction of almost 70% of the useful surface of the farms. It is as if 3,500 farms were to be closed, out of the current 5,000. Therefore, these 3,500 farms would need to be built to compensate and supply the current level of demand.
  • Construction of around 73% more warehouses to compensate and be able to supply the market. This would represent an investment of +1.8 billion euros.
  • To go back to the advances in genetics that currently allow for more sustainable, efficient and environmentally responsible production and ensure food safety.
  • The price of the carcass could triple on the farm. In the most consumed product in Spain, the breast, could reach 15 € or 20 € per kilo in conventional rotisserie chicken.
  • For most Spaniards, this increase would mean that chicken would become a luxury product for families, who would lose the possibility of accessing a very high quality protein.

Position of the sector on the new regulation on the transport of meat products (already in force)

The main provisions for road transport are:

  • When temperatures between 25°C and 30°C are forecast, only travel between 21h00 and 10h00 will be permitted. Based on average temperatures in Spain, the operation would have to be at night from May to October, approximately
  • The number of animals per square meter inside the trucks is reduced.
  • Loading and unloading must be supervised by a veterinarian.
  • Maximum travel times are set at 12 hours including loading and unloading (if the destination is a processing room) and 24 hours for chicks (48 hours after hatching).

This regulation means having to increase the truck fleet by 22% (about 505 more trucks per week). Increasing the costs of night work, both for truck drivers and veterinarians and personnel involved in loading/unloading. Likewise, as the fleet increases, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, etc. will increase, making this regulation less efficient than the one applied so far. In addition, travel times have a drastic influence on exports.

Launch of the "Aves de España" brand and Avianza Animal Welfare Spain (AAWS) seal.

We have launched the first quality certification for "Poultry from Spain" meat. This initiative establishes the foundations and tools to highlight the production of poultry meat (chicken, turkey and quail) from its breeding, production, processing and global distribution.

This certificate articulates the main values of our production chain: environmental, economic and social sustainability, Animal Welfare and Food Safety. A milestone to highlight the quality of Spanish poultry meat and consolidate Spain as one of the European leaders in poultry meat production.

This initiative also introduces Avianza Animal Welfare Spain (AAWS), a new Animal Welfare Commitment B+ label specific to our poultry meat sector. It guarantees a superior implementation of current regulations throughout our production process, strengthening our commitment to animal welfare in this industry.

Campaign with MAPA and Alimentos de España

Initiative to promote the consumption of poultry meat for the domestic market, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) and Alimentos de España. The objective was to highlight the benefits of chicken, turkey and quail meat.

A campaign that has led us to collaborate with renowned chefs, the realization of outreach workshops and practical advice for the preparation of poultry meat, and raising awareness about healthy and balanced nutrition.

Sustainable European Poultry Meat Initiative

Through the campaign EUROPEAN POULTRY MEAT, YOUR SMART CHOICEco-financed by the European Commission, under the coordination of the European poultry association AVEC. The main objective has been to raise awareness among European consumers about the sustainability of the European poultry sector and the high quality of its product. It has been developed in Spain, France, Belgium and Germany.

Boosting creativity in Spanish gastronomy

Poultry meat is a fundamental part of the gastronomic richness of our country, and together with the most renowned chefs, as well as promising young chefs, we will promote in 2023 several actions to raise awareness of our poultry.

  • Meat Attraction, with cooking workshops given by the renowned chef of Canal Cocina, Sergio Fernández, with poultry meat as the protagonist.
  • Salón Gourmets, with Fabián León as master of ceremonies of our ephemeral restaurant, where we promoted the consumption of kilometer 0 products.
  • Barbecue workshops, with chef Alfonso Castellano, at Seeds, to highlight one of our most international products, roast chicken, as well as other dishes with turkey and quail.  
  • Promoting the use of food for food, with workshops and activities in Madrid's Mercado de la Paz, with the renowned chef and nutritionist Marta Verona as master of ceremonies. In addition, we opened our first pop up store at Puesto 92, to promote Local Markets and the knowledge of the Birds of Spain.
  • Thanksgiving workshops, to join an international holiday with our most local products, with turkey as the protagonist. With chefs such as Javier Muñoz Calero or Fernando Canales.

The importance of working together

  • We are LivestockAn initiative that ties in with European Livestock Voice and its campaign "Meatthefacts" (or "Livestock Reality" in Spain), which aims to respond to the unjustified pressure on the livestock sector and the myths that surround it. We aim to highlight the importance of providing accurate information on livestock production backed by scientific data and on-farm work.
  • Meat Livestock Forum & Agroganadera Municipal Network. An initiative promoted by the sector's interprofessional organizations to help the Spanish economy and society to face the challenges of sustainability, digitalization and the demographic challenge.

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