Tender for the selection of an implementing agency for the development of a multiple European program REA EU 1144/2014 for the promotion of poultry products.




FRANCE: CIPC - French Interprofessional Committee for Broiler Chickens (Coordinator)

Since its origins in 2007, CIPC is a French poultry association representing 85% of the poultry sector and each of its sectors: breeders, farmers, animal nutrition, slaughterhouses. CIPC allocates its means and resources to broiler production, with a dedicated board member and study activities. Based in Rennes, close to the main poultry production areas, CIPC represents the interests of its members on a wide range of topics such as animal welfare, sustainable production, food safety, exports and social issues, whereby its employees actively participate in various working groups and consult. with, for example, members, ministries, the French Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (DGCCRF), universities and others. CIPC also contributes to disseminating all innovative results to encourage investments in the poultry sector. At the EU level, CIPC follows the work of AVEC, the voice of the European poultry sector. At the national level, CIPC developed an Observatory on the rational use of antibiotics in poultry and contributes to the valoral group on agri-food, which is one of the three main agribusiness groups and participates in the Avipole Training (the national training center for poultry).

POLAND: KRD-IG - The Polish National Poultry Board - Chamber of Commerce

KRD-IG is a leading poultry industry organization in Poland, based in Warsaw, which aims to protect the interests of poultry farmers, producers and processors. The KRD currently consists of 110 members from various specialties of the poultry industry. KRD members include agricultural universities, associations of poultry farmers and producers, poultry meat processing plants, feed production plants and individual poultry farmers and producers. They represent all sectors of the Polish poultry industry. KRD members produce approximately 70% of the total volume of slaughter poultry production and approximately 80% of exported Polish poultry products. The organization actively stimulates the growth and modernization of the Polish poultry sector and represents the poultry industry in relations with the Polish government, administration and non-public organizations. KRD coordinates promotional and communication projects for the poultry industry and maintains a wide range of educational and informational initiatives. KRD actively represents the Polish poultry industry in Europe and worldwide.

GERMANY: BVH - Bundesverband bäuerlicher Hähnchenerzeuger eV

The BVH is the federal association of broiler producers and is responsible for farming operations in all stages of German broiler meat production. The task of the association is to pool information on broiler production, to provide competent information to all stakeholders as well as to authorities and institutions, and thus to make the German poultry industry internationally competitive. With around 1,000 members at present, 95% of the German poultry industry is organized in the BVH. As a subsidiary specialized in poultry industry issues, BVH is a member of the main organization of the German poultry industry, the ZDG - Zentralverband der Deutschen. Geflügelwirtschaft e. V. (German Poultry Association). At EU and international level, BVH is a member organization of AVEC and the International Poultry Council. BVH is the recognized contact partner of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture for all issues related to poultry meat production. BVH's tasks cover a wide range of topics representing the interests of its member companies, such as animal welfare, food safety, promotion of export activities and marketing standards.

SPAIN: AVIANZA - Spanish Interprofessional Poultry Meat Association

AVIANZA has 43 member companies, integrating more than 95% of the poultry meat market, currently with more than 5,000 farms, 281 slaughterhouses and cutting plants, as well as more than 40,000 employees working for the poultry meat industry in Spain. AVIANZA's commitment is to develop innovation and market access for associates seeking equitable promotional activities that allow them to develop in an ever-changing world. Avianza focuses on the promotion of all poultry meat products, specifically on quality, environmental and sustainable consumption measures. Poultry meat production in Spain is technologically advanced and fully integrated, accounting for 23% of national meat production. Around 80% of the total poultry meat in Spain is chicken poultry production.

EURSPO - the Program:

The EURSPO Program focuses on promoting and informing about sustainable European poultry products and the benefits of European poultry meat consumption with emphasis on industry efforts towards more sustainable European production systems and more sustainable consumption trends (against food waste).

The market analysis identifies and justifies the need for such an important program, both for the European Union and for the participating organizations (CIPC, BVH, AVIANZA, KRD) and is aligned with the Farm to Fork and Green Deal strategies and Roadmap 2023 and complies with the FBDG (Food Based Dietary Guides), reinforcing all the efforts made by the European Commission itself.

The main goal of this program is to provide general information and raise awareness of the sustainability strategies that the European poultry industry has been and will continue to implement, especially in terms of the negative impact of food waste on the environment, the economy and society.

The general objectives are:

  1. highlight the specificities of the European Union, particularly in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability, in order to highlight the sustainable strategies that the European poultry industry has been implementing for many years;
  2. raise awareness of the benefits of choosing products from the EU to promote a healthy lifestyle;
  3. increase the competitiveness and consumption of European poultry products, thereby increasing the European market share in Germany, France, Spain and Poland.

This proposal has a pan-European identity with a unified European image in all target markets, tailoring the message to the individual challenges they face and inspiring and motivating action by all stakeholders.

The EURSPO program focuses on three target audiences: young people, family decision-makers (who would form the end consumer section) and opinion leaders in France, Poland, Germany and Spain. By selecting these segments, the promotional campaigns aim to address the generations who seek information, learn about food choices and make decisions; those who make food decisions for themselves and their families, shaping our consumption trends; and those who can spread our sustainability message.

With a total budget of more than €4 million and numerous promotional and information activities in France, Poland, Germany and Spain, the association will not only use online and offline channels to communicate the message, but will also organize different events, tasting days and workshops to reach as many consumers as possible. The impact this program will have for the European poultry sector will also encourage other key players in the industry to work on their sustainability and approach to food waste.


The contracting of a specialized implementation agency is necessary to plan and execute the actions covered in this program once CIPC and the other partnerships have signed the grant agreement. The partners expect a sustainable partnership with the implementing agency, based on high mutual trust, considering the budget involved and the need to maintain the trust of the partners throughout the proposed program.

The selected Agency will interact with ICPC as Coordinator, but also with all partners individually to implement the program in their respective target countries.

Open tendering conditions:

1. The purpose of this tender is to apply for a promotion program co-financed by the EU REA agency. If the European funds are not guaranteed, the tender will be considered void.

2. This tender is not remunerated. Unsuccessful applicants will not receive any financial compensation.

All information sent to successful applicants will be treated with strict confidentiality, and due to the institutional nature of the data, may not be used for other clients.

4. CIPC will send to applicants, upon request, a report including technical information related to the selection of target markets and program objectives for the preparation of their proposals.

5. The selection criteria shall ensure the best value for money in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 1144/2014 of the European Parliament.

6. Once the applicant's creative proposal is submitted, it becomes the property of the contracting entities without limitations of time and space, and this includes its use for all media and means of communication.

7. The contracting entities reserve the right to use creative concepts (images, logos, slogans and domain names) in the context of other campaigns of their own and without time limitation.

8. The selected agency will sign a contract with the contracting entities.

9. No expenditure shall be incurred before a framework agreement has been signed between the contracting entities and the European Commission, and a framework agreement between the contracting entities and the executing agency.

Mandatory elements to be submitted by applicants:

Applicants should propose a strategic plan for the development of a multi-promotion AER program in the above-mentioned markets with the objective of improving the image of poultry products and boosting their consumption.

The detailed proposal (preferably in PowerPoint format) must be sent in English to the coordination team ( [email protected] ) and to Mr. Yann Brice ( [email protected] ) and must include:

  1. Application letter dated and signed accepting the bidding conditions.
  2. A Submission from the agency including proof of current tax payments, information on its financial viability, on its competencies to accompany the partnership on these missions and on its knowledge of the rules relating to EU-funded promotion programs.
  3. A proposal based on the target countries' knowledge of poultry production, consumption, sustainability aspects and consumption habits. The agency should be able to propose a range of actions based on the different criteria set out in the proposal, providing results and impact (not less than those indicated in the Program description).
  4. The agency should describe the objectives, target audience and expected deliverables and should include a budget proposal for each action within the overall framework defined for that campaign.
  5. Taking into account the main message of the campaign, the agency should design an alternative to the overall creative concept of the campaign, in particular, the initial design (1 to 3 variants) of the visual identification of the campaign (graphic sign (logo) of the campaign), master layout, website home page, advertising design (both offline and online), sample social media posts, promotional materials, trade show booth design, POS and other events foreseen in the program.
  6. Affidavit duly dated and signed by the applicant stating any possible conflict of interest derived from the work carried out by an institution of the poultry sector in any of the markets covered by the campaign.

The proposal must integrate the mandatory EU signature and other graphic elements as stipulated in Regulation EC/1144/2014 and related legislation. The selected implementing agency must strictly comply with these criteria for all actions planned and carried out, as failure to comply with these EU rules would result in ineligibility of the actions and loss of funding. In case our application does not reach the signing of the grant agreement, the implementation of the campaign should, of course, serve no purpose and this tender would be null and void.


The selected implementing agency will support the beneficiaries in the implementation of the following actions foreseen in this program:

  • Public relations activities (public relations office and press releases)
  • Digital media (social media campaign, online advertising, digital events, etc.)
  • Organization and promotion of points of sale and different types of events (B2B, B2C) and consumer activities(restaurant weeks, sponsorships, etc.).
  • Advertising in different media (press, online, outdoor...)

The Candidate must propose how to articulate and adapt all these actions to the different target countries, as well as demonstrate his/her experience in the different fields of activity.

CIPC will send to applicants, upon request, a report that will include technical information related to the selection of target markets and program objectives for the preparation of proposals.

An Evaluation Agency will also be selected to audit the program and its activities. The selected agency is expected to facilitate the work of the evaluation agency as needed throughout the project, for example, by providing information requested by the evaluation agency, participating in occasional meetings, and taking into account its recommendations.


The selection will be made by a jury composed of the 4 national poultry associations (CIPC, KRD-IG, BVH, AVIANZA) participating in the project.

Selection criteria:

  1. Quality, creativity and coherence of the strategy, argumentation of the proposed actions (35 points)
  2. Experience in EU promotion projects, understanding of and strict compliance with EU promotion rules (15 points)
  3. Experience in Communication actions, particularly in food promotion, sustainability aspects and food waste (15 points)
  4. Quality of information provided on the agency's financial viability and value for money (20 points)
  5. Qualifications of the project management team and experience in the participating countries (15 points)


  • November 30 at 6:00 p.m.: Deadline for submitting the application to the bidding process.
  • December 15 at 18h00 : Notification of the selected agency and detailed notification to the other unsuccessful agencies.


The coordination team and Mr. Yann Brice (Executive Director of CIDEF-CIPC-CICAR-ATM Avicole) are available to answer any questions candidates may have by email to [email protected] and [email protected] . Each email written in the framework of this call for tender must be in English and mention "EURSPO: Call for Tender - Implementing Agency" in the subject line of the email.