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A World Poultry Day with a “Birds of Spain” flavor and a sector more united than ever

  • The Aves de España certification celebrates its first World Poultry Day in operation working on the recognition of Spanish poultry quality 
  • This distinctive mark for poultry meat, promoted by Avianza, continues to take giant steps to unite the fundamental premises of Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Food Safety in a quality certificate that values the entire poultry meat production chain.

Madrid, May 10, 2024. This year the World Poultry Day It has Spanish flavor. The taste of "“Birds of Spain”, a quality certificate for poultry meat in our country that was released a few months ago and that continues unstoppable, combining the fundamental premises of Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Food Safety for the entire poultry meat production chain. And on this World Poultry Day for the first time present at this celebration. 

The certification Birds of Spain in poultry meat products assures the consumer that the operators who obtain it have a certified system that includes strict traceability, quality and control requirements, identifying poultry in the market for the production of meat (fresh, refrigerated or frozen , whether packaged or in bulk); and products made, transformed or processed with it.

To this end, products that meet all the requirements of the regulation and are certified have the label. Birds of Spain in its packaging. In addition, this logo carries a QR code, in which the consumer can scan and learn more about all the safety, quality and animal welfare certifications of the product they are consuming.

High-level poultry companies such as Avícola Hidalgo, Nutrave, Redondo and Grupo Vall Companys (through its subsidiaries Pondex and Avigal) have this certification and its incorporation to the shelves of the main supermarket chains is already being finalized.  

“We are in a turbulent time for the poultry sector, as we have been denouncing in recent months, due to the rise in costs and the transport and animal welfare regulations that they want to implement in Europe, but we also want to convey that positive vision of the great work What we do from Spain to enhance the quality of our poultry meat and consolidate the country as one of the European leaders in poultry meat production. And what better day than World Poultry Day,” says Jordi Montfort, general secretary of Avianza.

An interprofessional committed to the future of the sector

This World Poultry Day which is marked by a sector more united than ever, with international vision, with the proactivity of the meat sector to unapologetically promote its contribution to the healthy eating habits of citizens, and the demand to be recognized as an active part in decision-making about the more sustainable future of our planet, especially in matters of regulations that come from the European Commission.  

And again with internationalization as part of the value proposition as a meat sector, with presence in markets as important as the United Arab Emirates, with the help of ICEX, Mexico or China, with the first mission in years visiting our country to learn first-hand what makes us so attractive as an international gastronomic and agricultural power. 

And to end the celebrations in this important month for the poultry sector, on May 29 Avianza will collaborate and actively participate in aviFORUM Meat, a poultry meeting that stands as an indispensable reference for professionals in the poultry meat production sector and processing rooms. The interprofessional will have a presentation focused on Animal Welfare.