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The livestock-meat sector reiterates its commitment to contribute to the progress and development of Spanish society

The six interprofessional organizations of the livestock-meat sector, ASICI, AVIANZA, INTERCUN, INTEROVIC, INTERPORC and PROVACUNO, have made public their satisfaction with the approval of the agri-food PERTE (Strategic project for economic recovery and transformation) by the Council of Ministers of today, which will allow progress in the sector's transformation horizons under the levers of sustainability and digitalization, to shore up Spain's position at the European and global forefront.
of the meat sector.

The interprofessionals thank the Government for considering the agri-food sector - of which the livestock-meat chain is an important part - as a strategic sector for the country, an assessment that is reflected in the approval of this PERTE, integrated into the Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience, and that is of singular relevance for Spain.

With this approval, the pioneering initiative promoted by the livestock-meat interprofessionals bears fruit, a sectoral strategic plan linked to European funds that, today, is already being developed by a very large number of companies throughout the chain ( ranchers and industries) from all over Spain.

This livestock-meat sector project will mobilize significant private investment that accompanies PERTE, with the aim of increasing its environmental sustainability and its capacity for innovation, contributing to the recovery and economic transformation of our country.

In this project proposed by the livestock-meat chain, 1,689 companies and farmers from all the Autonomous Communities participate, of which 73.6% are SMEs, together with technological partners in the fields of the circular economy, renewable energy and digitalization, and with an important focus on the territorial problems of our country and the positive contribution to the structure of Spain
rural and the fight against depopulation.

With all this, the livestock-meat chain continues to show its commitment to contribute to the progress and development of Spanish society and its territories, through an ecosystem of activities that generate employment, wealth, territorial and socioeconomic structuring, and focused on sustainability. and in balanced, healthy and responsible eating.