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AVIANZA launches the #MEgustaPoultry poultry meat promotion campaign in the United Arab Emirates

MADRID, November 10, 2021

This last quarter, the United Arab Emirates is having a more Spanish aroma than ever thanks to the campaign #MEgustaPoultry launched by AVIANZA, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, in collaboration with ICEX Spain Export and investments, to give visibility and promote poultry meat in the Middle East, one of the priority markets of its internationalization plan.

The objective is to show distributors, the restaurant sector and consumers some of the values associated with the Spanish poultry industry, as an international benchmark for its capacity for innovation, transformation and adaptation to new challenges in terms of healthy eating and nutrition. After months of preparation, this campaign begins in Dubai combining digital actions on social networks, promotion in local media and actions on the ground, where the aim is to highlight the quality of Spanish poultry meat, the nutritional properties of this type of product and trust. in the production companies of our country.

Influencers and chefs support Spanish poultry meats

AVIANZA's #MEgustaPoultry campaign, which started in September, consists of various actions to bring poultry meat closer to both the general public and national cooks and chefs. The first of these has been the campaignBack to school in which there has been the collaboration of 3 renowned Influencers in the UAE: the gastronomy editor of Harpers Bazaar Arabia and chef Dalia Dogmoch, the blogger Homam Ayaso of The Gastronaut and the chef Suad Shamma, who have prepared several dishes using as a base chicken, turkey and quail and, in which more than 120 thousand people have been reached so far.  

This action is also supported by the best chefs in our country who work there, such as the renowned Asturian chef Mariano Andres, responsible for ten restaurants in Dubai. He will be in charge of carrying out the training for cooks and chefs of the country in the three sessions that will be held during the months of October and November at SCAFA, The School of Culinary And Finishing Arts in Dubai. Andrés will also champion Spanish Week with a tribute to Spanish poultry farming on the menu of one of his restaurants, Seville's, during the third week of November.

Finally, the television chef Vineet Bathia and John Faver, chef de cuisine at the Sur, restaurant at the Westin Dubai Hotel, will be in charge of cooking a four-hands dinner at the Paella Event which will be attended by personalities, media and officials from the Dubai food sector.

The #MEgustaPoultry campaign has, in addition to the support of ICEX, the backing of the Foods & Wines From Spain brand and the use of the Poultry From Spain quality seal.

AVIANZA and ICEX, a long-term agreement

After the signing of the collaboration agreement between the two entities and the subsequent definition of dissemination, training and promotion actions for poultry products, the #MEgustaPoultry campaign represents the beginning of the development of a series of activities that seek to increase the business figures of the poultry sector, which reaches a turnover of 2.3 billion euros per year and has more than 40,000 direct and indirect jobs.

For Jordi Montfort, secretary general of the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, “This campaign is the first step to publicize the wealth of the Spanish poultry meat sector, and the possibility of consolidating the necessary process of international expansion of our producers, in a market as attractive as that of the United Arab Emirates."

By ICEX, Maria Naranjo, director of the Food Industry, has shown her satisfaction with the launch of this promotional campaign that, through market diversification, highlights the Spanish poultry sector with products of excellence. “The Middle East is a strategic region and the United Arab Emirates is the best destination to serve as a visibility platform for the extensive range of products that are being worked on in the gourmet section under the Poultry from Spain brand”.