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AVIANZA calls for responsibility to avoid serious problems in the agribusiness chain  

Following the launch of the indefinite strike last Monday of the road freight transport sector in Spain, Avianza, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, which brings together 90% of the companies in the sector, is very concerned about how this situation is critically affecting both poultry farming and the distribution of product in the supermarket channel in our country.  

In a sector where timing is a vital factor, access to feed is key to rearing birds and closing production times in a timely manner. Variation in days can be a serious problem for both animal welfare and poultry management on farms with more than 46 million chickens produced every month, 1.5 million every day. Avianza represents more than 5,000 production farms, which are currently not guaranteed feed and other resources.  

Due to the characteristics of poultry meat, it is also critical to get the poultry to the production centres and, subsequently, to the shelves of markets, supermarkets and the HORECA channel. Not having agile transport corridors implies a serious problem for the conservation chain, as well as for the supply of distribution channels to meet the demand of the population.   

This is why Avianza urges the State Administrations, transport associations and the organisations involved to take measures to ensure adequate minimum services and the guarantee of being able to carry out a job that is crucial for feeding the population.